Tom & Leslie use highly-targeted online marketing for all listings

How We Place Your Property in Front of Qualified Buyers:

  • We purchase online Ads that target local people who are potential buyers — people who have searched for homes, used mortgage calculators, searched for moving companies...

  • Ads for your home follow potential buyers everywhere they go on the web and a single click will bring buyers to your customized listing page.  If you've ever searched for a product online, like a laptop or a new TV, you will notice the ads for those products follow you around as you browse the internet.  That's what we are going to do with your property!

  • You will receive daily marketing reports on the ad campaign for your home, supplying both the number of impressions and number of clicks (view sample)

  • Watch the video below to learn more:


Here's a Sample Listing Ad:


Ads for Your Home will Appear on the Following Websites:

Sample of Daily Reports for Your Listing:

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